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What Can Be Expected at the First Appointment?
What Do I Need to Bring to the New Patient Appointment?
What Methods of Payment are Accepted?
What is Nitrous Oxide?
What are Implants?

What If I Have An Emergency and the Office Is Closed?
When Should I Bring my Child In for His/Her First Appointment?


What Can Be Expected at the First Appointment?

At your new patient appointment, which will be about one hour in length, your medical history will be reviewed, and you will be asked if you have any dental concerns.  A thorough head, neck, teeth and tissue exam will be performed, and any necessary radiographs (x-rays) will be taken.  X-rays are used to reveal problems that cannot be observed visually or through any other means.  The dentist will advise you of any problems detected, discuss treatment options with you and recommend a treatment plan specifically for you.  An intra-oral camera will allow you to view on a TV screen areas of your mouth where treatment is recommended.

At the end of your new patient appointment, we will schedule your return visit for cleaning, as well as schedule any restorative appointments that are needed.  If major treatment, such as a crown, bridge or implant is recommended, an estimate (predetermination) may be sent to your insurance company for prior approval.

If you have any questions prior to, or following your new patient appointment, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

**If you have a dental emergency that requires immediate attention, an initial emergency appointment can be made with the dentist to diagnose and treat that specific problem, prior to scheduling your thorough new patient exam. **


What Do I Need to Bring to the New Patient Appointment?

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order to complete a medical history form. For your convenience, there is a copy of the required form available here on this website for you to print and fill out in advance of your visit. Please bring a thorough list of medications that you are taking. 

We also ask, should you have dental insurance, that you bring your plan and identification numbers, as well as your employee benefits manual.  Due to Privacy Legislation, insurance companies no longer provide plan details to dental offices, therefore it is your responsibility to be familiar with your dental coverage and limitations.

Click here for a copy of the Medical History Form

What Methods of Payment are Accepted?

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept cash, debit, MasterCard and Visa.  We do accept assignment from insurance companies.  However, you are expected to pay your co-insurance (i.e.. the 'difference') at the time of your appointment.


What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a safe, colourless, mildly sweet smelling anaesthetic gas that allows for relaxation. You will feel less anxiety and fear while in the dental chair, and it also helps to decrease your perception of pain. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and you breathe it in through a small mask on your nose.

During your appointment the amount of nitrous oxide is adjusted until you are comfortable. You will remain conscious and all of your reflexes will remain intact, although you may feel sleepy. You will also be able to communicate with us. Nitrous oxide is not a substitute for dental freezing and your mouth will still need to be frozen. 

Before Your Appointment

  • Eat a light nutritious meal no less than 2 hours before your appointment.

  • Do not eat for 2 hours before your appointment. Water is okay.

  • Remove any nail polish.

  • Tell your dentist if you have a cold, ear infection, pneumothorax or if you can not breathe through your nose. Also tell your dentist if you are pregnant.

During Your Appointment

  • Breathe through your nose at a regular rate.

  • Tell your dentist if you are not feeling well.

  • It should be a pleasant experience.

  • You may feel warm, tingling in your fingers and toes, and a feeling of floating.

After Your Appointment

  • Recovery is quick; you will feel normal within a few minutes.

  • You can drive home.


What are Implants?

An implant is one of several options to replace a missing tooth.  It is a restorative procedure that attaches an artificial tooth to an anchor that is surgically placed in the jawbone.

In most instances, implants feel more natural and secure than other options to replace missing teeth.

The most common type of implant is the root-form.  It is made of titanium and looks like a small screw.  Titanium is a material that the jawbone accepts as part of the body.

After an implant is placed in the jawbone, it is allowed to heal to become integrated with the bone ( a process called osseointegration).  This process is the key to the success of an implant.

When the area has healed ( usually several months), a metal collar called an abutment is attached to the implant.  A crown, which closely replicates the colour and shape of the natural tooth, is made to attach to the abutment.

For further information about implants - click here


What If I Have An Emergency and the Office Is Closed?

If you are a patient of record and have an after-hours emergency that requires immediate attention, please call the office at (905) 735-3362 and listen carefully to the instructions on the answering machine.

If you have some minor dental discomfort or inconvenience ( such as a loose crown), please refer to the Patient Education section of this website for some possible solutions that will help you until such time as the office is open.  Be sure to call the office as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.


When Should I Bring my Child In for His/Her First Appointment?

It is important to get an early start on dental care.  Recent publications have suggested that it is advantageous to have a child’s first visit by age 1, especially a first-born child.  This provides an opportunity for the dentist to screen the child for any problems and to educate the parent regarding dental care and development.

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